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29 Jun

Summer Days with Coo

Publié par Shinuma Okata  - Catégories :  #Manga EN

Summer Days with Coo

Original title :

河童のクゥと夏休み / Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi

English Title : Summer Days with Coo

Category : Animation

Country of Origin : Japan

Release date :

July 28, 2007 : Japan

10 September 2008 : France

Duration : 2 h 15

Directed : Keiichi Hara

Scenario : Keiichi Hara, Masao Kogure, Yuichi Watanabe

Voice actors (Original Voice) :

Kazato Tomizawa : Coo

Takahiro Yokokawa : Koichi Uehara

Naoki Tanaka : Yasuo Uahara

Naomi Nishida : Yukari Uehara

Tamaki Matsumoto : Hitomi Uehara

Summer Days with Coo

Synopsis :

Koichi, a young schoolboy discovers a stone resembling a fossil turtle near a river.

He decides to take with him and clean but this is a strange animal comes alive. He was surprised to discover that it is a kappa, a water spirit.

Family Kôichi nicknamed him Coo and decides to take care of him.

But the news spread quickly and Kôichi is tired of being ask because all would like to see. It then befriends with the scapegoat of the class: Sayoko, a girl without a friend, discreet, shy and ill at ease and poses little questions about Coo.

Coo decides to find his family and share with Kôichi.

Adventure Coo looking for other kappa begins.

Beautiful anime! The movie is very emotional to you to discover!

If you've already seen, just say your thoughts on this Manga!

Keiichi Hara

Keiichi Hara

Summer Days with Coo
Summer Days with Coo
Summer Days with Coo
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