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29 Jun

Flu - 감기

Publié par Shinuma Okata  - Catégories :  #Movies

Flu - 감기

International title : The Flu

Original title : 감기

Genre : Disaster

Country of origin : South Korea

Released :

August 15, 2013 in South Korea

April 9, 2014 (DVD) in France

Duration : 121 minutes

Written and directed by Kim Sung-su

Main actors :

Jang Hyuk : Kang Ji-goo

Soo Ae : Kim In-hye

Park Hyo-ju : Kim Mi-reu

Flu - 감기


A group of immigrants share of China to reach South Korea.

But they are all put in a container to be transported by boat and unfortunately one of them coughing a lot.

Imagine the result!

The two complicit are shocked when they open the container but only one is still alive, this is the bearer of germs! The worst is that the wearer leaks!

This is chaos. The virus spreads at a speed very elevate!

Resulting a deadly epidemic ravaging Bundang, Seongnam in the suburbs of Seoul. And the government ordered to isolate the suburbs.

I not tell you more if it is not cool to me!

The film is very eventful and touching!

PS: search on the web and you will find! ;)

Flu - 감기
Flu - 감기
Flu - 감기
Flu - 감기
Flu - 감기
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