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Hello Everybody !!! I'm finally back with some problems to get over the shift hourly! LOL I'm too disgust because the return I thought he had time to visit Seoul, but the Incheon Airport is about 100 km away from Seoul and I was completely tired because...

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Hello everyone !!! I am currently inactive on the blog because I prepare my holiday in Australia. I go in early August and I return late August! On my return, I'll put some pictures of Australia but also South Korea because I am changing planes there...

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Hello everbody !!!

Hello to everybody !!! On this blog, I want that we speak about all which concerns the music, the movies and the television series (Drama). Mainly around Asia. But other cultures are also welcome! I shall like making you live my passions and know yours...

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Hello, my name is Shinuma Okata, my age ... actually, I dunno! I'll write this blog in French and English, correct me if I make mistake! My story is simple, one day I discovered role playing and I am interested to that of Japan and its history. In addition,...

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